Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga generally refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical asanas (postures). Typically practiced at a gentler pace, Hatha yoga offers many of the familiar foundational poses found in more physically-challenging classes, including vinyasa and warriors, though at a slower pace. At the SYCSTL, you might find the following styles embedded in our Traditional Solar Yoga psychomotor movements (Diane),  Energy flow/balance in English and in Spanish (Monica), and YogAlign (Suzanne). 


Many restorative yoga poses are held for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes), working with finding your peaceful center and accessing your breath. This is a quiet, slow, and meditative class. Please bring extra props for your comfort (blankets, pillow/bolster, blocks).


YogAlign is a whole new yoga method based on keeping the spine in natural alignment by viewing the body globally instead of as separate parts. Suzanne offers the YogAlign Zoom classes for the SYCSTL. YogAlign utilizes self massage and special breathing exercises toning the core from the inside out, and there is no pain in the process. All YogAlign positions simulate how our body moves in real life functions. YogAlign aligns the body into natural effortless posture from the very first session and gives people the tools to correct and change poor posture and breathing habits that lead to chronic pain, illness, and premature aging.

Iyengar Hatha

Iyengar strongly influences Monica’s teaching style. She focuses on breathing while holding asanas, and emphasizes toning and building strength in the muscles of the torso.