In 2003 when a friend suggested I might like yoga, I decided to try the classes at Solar Yoga. I’d noticed their sign from Forest Park Parkway ever since I moved to U. City in the 1970’s. The instructors were kind, careful and knowledgeable. I was very surprised to find they were volunteers. Class members, some who had been coming for years, welcomed newcomers such as me, with no experience. Classes began with psychophysical exercises. After a break for anyone who wanted to shower and change into “yoga whites,” yoga poses took the second hour of the class.

Increased work load and eldercare took over the time I had for classes, and there was a gap of several years before I had time for yoga again. When I returned, it was a ‘Cheers’ experience. Teachers and class members still knew me, offered friendly greetings, and didn’t ask for excuses. Now, there is more variety in classes offered, and I discovered exactly what I needed to help me recover from a frozen shoulder and regain good posture in YogAlign classes with an instructor who has an amazing amount of knowledge and a passion for what she is doing to help class members achieve her and our goals.

Jo Ellen, 2016